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Academic Program

What We Offer

Education Programs

I. Academic Programs

A. Pre-School:

  • All preschool levels integrate Christian core theme with lessons and activities cutting across subject matters – Math, Reading, Science, Social Studies, Music and Movement, Art, Values Education, and Filipino – unifying them in a meaningful and holistic way.
  • The preschool curriculum prescribes to the Multiple Intelligences developed by Dr. Howard Gardner
  • Preschool classes enjoy a small adult-child ratio to facilitate personal and individual teaching and learning.
  • Our Pre-school classes adopt the progressive method of education and are age appropriate and developmentally suited for respective preschool levels.
  1. Toddler Class   :          1.10 – 2.9 years old
  2. Junior Nursery :           2.10 – 3.9 years old
  3. Senior Nursery:           3.10 – 4.9 years old
  4. Kinder              :           4.10 – 5.9 years old

B. Grade School:  (Grades 1-6)

  • Our grade school curriculum implements a progressive approach to education.
  • Small class ratio
  • Espouses the Dunn and Dunn model of Learning Styles

C. High School: (Grades 7-10)

II. Social Programs:

  • In line with the core value of social and environmental awareness, COJ students are exposed to the plight of the deteriorating natural environment and the sad realities of the nation’s less fortunate.
  • Our social programs teach our students how to be good stewards by sharing their time, talent, and treasures with them.

III. Other Programs:

The school also hosts club activities for students every Friday such as:

  • Culinary Club
  • Drums Club
  • School Paper
  • Science Club
  • World Culture Club
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Indoor Games
  • Outdoor Games