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children What They Say


I met the Lord at the age 31 despite my 15 years of private Catholic education. Back then, I thought, “I wish that I met Him when I was younger.” After much prayer and discernment, I gave my “Yes” to the Lord and made the radical career shift to become a teacher. Now, I view it as my God-given mission to give young children what I did not have: a personal relationship with the Lord... and I can only do that in COJ. ---Leslie Sulit, COJ Teacher (Since 2001)

We are thankful that we had the opportunity to enroll our kids to COJ.  My kids were able to expand their understanding of our Catholic upbringing.  If you are thinking about transferring your child, COJ is the best catholic school. I believe this school can change your child's life. ---- Camille Tecson - Parent of Kinder and Grade 9 students

COJ made me a better parent. What the school teach the children also influenced me especially in the pastoral area. I would tell my friends that COJ is a good school. It is a school where they will not only excel in academics but would surely grow in faith with the Lord.  COJ is like our 2nd home...everybody knows everyone..it's like 1 family..parents and teachers help each other...it is a school of God. ---- Cheryl Colina - Parent of Grades 5 and 7 students

Every year that I spent in COJ helped me to grow spiritually and fall deeper in love with God.  I can say that I became someone that I can be proud of today because of COJ.  I have placed part of my heart in my alma mater, just as COJ has a special place in my heart. Simply put, COJ is my home.-- Jamsyn Salvana, COJ Alumni

COJ  taught me to think of how I can help before thinking of how I can benefit. The people here have made it my instinct to offer my time, strength and talents without looking for a reward. It's a school where learning is actually fun. COJ is a place where you can be assured that everyone can be your friend.--- Iani Asisi, COJ Alumni

I really prayed where God would want Josh to go to school.  God brought COJ into existence at the right time so Josh and his schoolmates would have a good school- ...a partner in forming our children’s Christian character, discipline, compassion and good habits, with caring teachers that would bring out their gifts. I am very thankful for the teachers and staff of COJ.  I do believe that he received a good foundation, a love of learning, discipline in studying, and lifelong friends from his time in COJ. ---Patsy Paterno, mom of Josh Paterno, a pioneer student of COJ

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